Locarno-August 23rd

Locarno-August 23rd





This amazing blend of jazz, latin and pop joins us August 23rd. we are very excited to present this band!

Locarno is the Latin project of JUNO Award winning musician, Tom Landa. Like him, the music is equal parts Mexican and Canadian. Tom was born and raised in Mexico City, and moved to Canada in his teens. In the mid nineties he formed the Folk Roots band, The Paperboys, who have been touring world-wide for over 20 years. Tom has always dabbled in Latin music, and in 2005 decided to immerse himself more into genre, and started working on material for an album. In 2006 he was awarded a Canada Council Grant to study traditional Mexican Music in Veracruz, Mexico. Tom spent his days learning the jarana (an 8 string guitar), and learning songs from the Son Jarocho repertoire. Upon his return to Canada, Tom started working on what would be Locarno’s debut CD. 

In 2009 Tom decided it was high time to make the album he had been threatening to make. He joined forces with producer Joby Baker (Alex Cuba, Adonis Puentes, Cowboy Junkies) and trumpeter Miguelito Valdes (Omara Portoundo, Afro Cuban All Stars) who helped bring the album to life. In 2010 Locarno released ‘Una Mas Y Ya Nos Vamos’ The music was a mix of Son Jarocho inspired folk tunes with Afro-Cuban rhythms. The album went on to be nominated for a WCMA and garnered rave reviews.


Since then the band has honed in on their sound and incorporated more of their influences such as music from Columbia, African Sukous, Mexican Marimba Music, Venezuelan Joropo and Brazilian Forro Music. Perhaps where the band shines the most is in the live shows which features Tom Landa on jaranas and guitars, Kalissa Landa on violin, Robin Layne on marimba, congas and timbales, Pedro Mota on guitar an vocals, Aaron McKinney on bass, Liam MacDonald on drums, congas and pandero, Mark D’Angelo on trumpet and Nick La Rivere on trombone.


Locarno launched their second CD, ‘Luz Y Sombra’ in November 2015. The new CD is a great mix of all the different Latin idioms the band plays, and features 10 original songs, and two traditional Mexican folk songs. The CD was nominated for a Western Canada Music Award in the spring of 2016. As the CBC’s  Michael Juk says, “Don’t miss the chance to see this band. You’ll find yourself singing their praises too”


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Mihirangi-August 2nd

Mihirangi-August 2nd

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Tiger Moon-July 26th

Tiger Moon-July 26th


Tiger Moon Duo

Tiger Moon is a West Canadian folk duo. Boasting harmonious sounds, heartfelt melodies, and foot-stomping rhythms, this is a pair to be reckoned with. They perform with a guitar, mandolin, two sets of boots and two big, rich voices. Drawing their sound from traditional folk, Canadiana, soul and rock, they are a minimalist barn-burning band with syrup-soaked harmonies.

Tiger Moon Quad

Tiger Moon is a name that is quickly becoming synonymous with blue-collar touring schedules and hard work in Canada’s music industry. Led by Dan Tait and Kasey Graff, the group’s founding members, Tiger Moon now boasts a full-bore boot-stomping folk & country sound with the addition of rhythm, bass and vocal team, Joshua Smith & Dylan Ranney. The new members fill out Tiger Moon’s sound with four-part harmonies, cocktail percussion and warm bass lines.


“Just imagine Earl Scruggs was dreaming that Dolly Parton and Led Zeppelin had a baby band. Then they let Steve Earle and the Dukes co-parent with Jim Beam and that is just a hint at what you can expect from Tiger Moon.”
-House Concert Host Craig M. in Summerland, BC


With the new record Cariboo & Whiskey out in June, the team is working hard to secure their spot as an integral part of the musical fabric of Canada. Both lineups have been added to a number of West Canadian festival bills in thanks to their upbeat, folky melodies and diligent and devout musicianship.

– –

Tiger Moon came to be in 2012 when Kasey Graff and Dan Tait, each forging their own music careers,  found one another in downtown Kelowna. They discovered a beautiful chemistry together and began performing as a duo at jam nights and coffeehouses. Shortly thereafter, the couple became serious about their music together, and about their relationship and began wowing crowds with their rich, harmony-driven sound.

In September 2013 the pair ultimately put their money where their mouth was and sold all their possessions to undertake a massive tour across North America; learning about the land and the people; and sharing their music with the people in every town they visited. Tiger Moon travelled for seven months – over 22,000 Kms – in a 1981 Volkswagen Westfalia, across Canada, from BC to Quebec, down the American eastern seaboard, along the southern states and up the western American coast. They met and jammed with the locals, expanded their musical vision and compiled these new experiences into a lyrical voice.

Kelowna welcomed their return and Tiger Moon started performing at many different venues; pubs, golf courses, wineries, yacht clubs, street corners, coffee shops, parties, wedding & funeral ceremonies, theatres, radio shows, and even an early morning set at a local BC Transit bus stop. They spent the winter of 2014-2015 hosting a jam night and honing their craft at Snowshoe Sam’s at Big White Ski Resort – arguably one of Canada’s most popular ski bars.

With their second EP entitled Mama Nature’s Finest released in June 2015, the couple packed up again to tour across Canada, this time by train with VIA Rail’s Artists On Board program. From Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS they shared their stories and music with people on and off the train, enriching their music and developing a library of experiences for songwriting.  Tiger Moon packed in two ‘off the rails’ tours as well during this time. One in south-east Ontario in several venues from Toronto to Montreal; and one two week gig in bars and other venues from Halifax, Nova Scotia through Moncton, NB to St John’s, Newfoundland.

When Tiger Moon returned home to Kelowna, they initiated a radical expansion of their quarterly touring network in BC & Alberta. They also returned to Snowshoe Sam’s in 2016, and were welcomed back to the VIA Rail Artists On Board program for another tour across Canada in the summer of 2016, with another strong stretch of performances through Ontario.

The band is preparing to produce and record their first full-length album, entitled Cariboo & Whiskey, set for release in Spring 2017.  They are looking forward to working with Mike Pedersen, of Music City Studio in Kelowna, BC, and will be recording in beautiful Wells, BC with the Island Mountain Arts Artist In Residence program.

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Me and Mae July 19

Me and Mae July 19

Me and Mae have been part of the Canadian Country Music Festival scene for the last several years with performances at events including Sunfest, Rockin River, Big Valley Jamboree, Craven, Dauphin, Havelock and more.

With solid 4-part vocal harmonies and unforgettable, hook laden music Me and Mae is a great choice for everyone who loves the likes of Zac Brown, Little Big Town and the Eagles.

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Mountain Sound-July 12th

Mountain Sound-July 12th

Presented by The Arts Council For The South Shuswap and SASCU…

Cello, piano, and percussion are the rolling river beneath Leila Neverland’s soaring vocals, timely poetry, and this trio’s original heavy jazz hop.  Here is:


Having just formed in 2017, BC’s newest trio is making leaps and bounds with their first single “Before Us,” available streaming and for download on  Bandcamp. See Mountain Sound live @ LUNAfest in Revelstoke:
With “mind numbing rhythms and a vocal range capable of grabbing even the most mundane of auditory palette” (Kelowna Capital News) Leila Neverland leads cellist Nils Loewen, drummer Dylan Ranney, and every audience on a captivating journey.
Join Us on July 12th at 7PM, Centennial Filed, Blind Bay BC 
Listen to more live recordings on Soundcloud!
Contributing artists:
Leila Neverland – Composer, Vocals, Piano
Nils Loewen – Cello
Dylan Ranney – Percussion
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Andrew Allen – July 5th

Andrew Allen – July 5th

 Creating more than just a show, Andrew embraces and revels in the experience. He feeds off the audience and returns every ounce of energy back in melody form. From his fun loving 2009 Top 10 single ‘I Wanna Be Your Christmas’ to the smash hit ‘Loving You Tonight’ which was catapulted into the Top 10 on Radio and the Top 100 in iTunes, courtesy of CHUM Radio’s Emerging Artist Initiative, all the way to his soulful ballads like ‘Amazing’, which he performed in Whistler BC at the 2010 Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Winter Games, he somehow knows just how to conduct a show that has you laughing, dancing and most importantly…remembering.

Hailing from the sunny Okanagan, Andrew guides his listeners through a musical journey, with stops everywhere from BC’s West Coast to the vibrant tropical influence he acquired while working thru out the Caribbean. Andrew masterfully combines his fresh and original acoustic beach grooves with some mainstream pop overtones, creating an absolutely ear pleasing adventure! It almost seems as if the West Coast vibe feels at home in his tunes.

Hosting musical similarities to pop icons like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Andrew proves he may be cut from a similar cloth, but with a completely different pattern. And not unlike the above mentioned, the name Andrew Allen is starting to become more and more known. His debut single from his follow up EP ‘Not Loving You’ was released in 2009 to international acclaim, a spot on the Canadian charts in the Top 50 and a handful of awards:

“Best New Artist of 2008” – BCIMA’s
“2009 Singer/Songwriter Award” – We Are Listening
2009 Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition
“Single of the Year” – BCIMA’s – 2009
“Pop Recording of the Year” – BCIMA’s – 2009
“People’s Choice Award” – BCIMA’s – 2009

Andrew Allen isn’t just another musician. He’s got that something else, that limitless energy, that infectious smile, that ‘star quality’ that will inevitably take him to the top. He’s authentic, he’s determined and he’s just plain good. His self worth is not defined by the response to the music he creates, but instead it’s demonstrated through the music that he shares.

When the room goes quiet and the music begins, just enjoy the ride.

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