Andrew Allen – July 5th

 Creating more than just a show, Andrew embraces and revels in the experience. He feeds off the audience and returns every ounce of energy back in melody form. From his fun loving 2009 Top 10 single ‘I Wanna Be Your Christmas’ to the smash hit ‘Loving You Tonight’ which was catapulted into the Top 10 on Radio and the Top 100 in iTunes, courtesy of CHUM Radio’s Emerging Artist Initiative, all the way to his soulful ballads like ‘Amazing’, which he performed in Whistler BC at the 2010 Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Winter Games, he somehow knows just how to conduct a show that has you laughing, dancing and most importantly…remembering.

Hailing from the sunny Okanagan, Andrew guides his listeners through a musical journey, with stops everywhere from BC’s West Coast to the vibrant tropical influence he acquired while working thru out the Caribbean. Andrew masterfully combines his fresh and original acoustic beach grooves with some mainstream pop overtones, creating an absolutely ear pleasing adventure! It almost seems as if the West Coast vibe feels at home in his tunes.

Hosting musical similarities to pop icons like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and John Mayer, Andrew proves he may be cut from a similar cloth, but with a completely different pattern. And not unlike the above mentioned, the name Andrew Allen is starting to become more and more known. His debut single from his follow up EP ‘Not Loving You’ was released in 2009 to international acclaim, a spot on the Canadian charts in the Top 50 and a handful of awards:

“Best New Artist of 2008” – BCIMA’s
“2009 Singer/Songwriter Award” – We Are Listening
2009 Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition
“Single of the Year” – BCIMA’s – 2009
“Pop Recording of the Year” – BCIMA’s – 2009
“People’s Choice Award” – BCIMA’s – 2009

Andrew Allen isn’t just another musician. He’s got that something else, that limitless energy, that infectious smile, that ‘star quality’ that will inevitably take him to the top. He’s authentic, he’s determined and he’s just plain good. His self worth is not defined by the response to the music he creates, but instead it’s demonstrated through the music that he shares.

When the room goes quiet and the music begins, just enjoy the ride.

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